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False Equivalence


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Took a chance and went to the OUAT tag…immediately saw Henry hate.

Seriously? Do we realize that it wasn’t that long ago that he was flatlining in a hospital room because of Regina?

(Sure, she wasn’t trying to kill HIM. But she was trying to kill someone. Someone he cared about, come to that,…

OUAT Spoiler alert for tonight’s episode

Okay, so…I wasn’t exactly happy with how Henry acted this episode. Of course I was all for him trying to stop Regina from going through with the plan and IM thankful he convinced her, since well, it’s Henry. He’s adorable and has so much faith in people. But of course I felt a little disappointed that he didn’t go and hug Regina first to say thank you. I mean I approved of him hugging her after but then I felt a little more disappointed when he went off and had dinner with his Charming family.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Henry. He is my favourite character. But I don’t think he’s a shit. I think he can just be a bit clueless sometimes, especially when it comes to Regina. I mean he spent his whole life not thinking much like she loved him and now it’s only starting to get better between them. I mean this should have been a turning point in their relationship. But I guess they need a little more work.

Am I happy that Henry kind of waved Regina off, even though he did kind of reconcile with her. No, I’m not. But at the same time I’m not going to hate on him for it. He’s still only ten and children can sometimes forget that their parents have feelings. And yes, I did feel bad for Regina tonight. It was hard to watch her just watch Henry go. I mean, I hated her first season but now I can see she’s actually trying. So it’s kind of sad. I just hope that their relationship can get repaired and Henry can learn to love both Emma and Regina equally as his mothers.

In all Honesty, I don’t think Henry’s using Regina. He just wants proof that Regina loves him like she says she does.

Just some words

Guys….Keep it in your pants.

Henry’s childhood, growing up and stuff. I don’t even know.

So, I have little bits of head canon that I wanted to put down somewhere. I also kind of want to hear what everyone has to say about these thoughts.

For one, as a kid we grow up believing about the tooth fairy and Santa Claus and stuff. But, Henry didn’t have that really I think. Mainly because I believe Regina would want to try and avoid all that fairy tale like stuff from our world, so Santa and the Tooth fairy would be stories not present in his life. At least if Regina had a say in it.

After all she did say in episode 1 of season 1 that he “needed a dose of reality.”

But, with Henry growing up now.

I think Henry knew about the tooth fairy from stories he heard from teachers and kids at school and he probably asked his mom about it. But, she probably said to stop thinking about it and what not. So when he lost teeth or whatever he’d tell his mom and she’d tell him to give it to her so they could throw it out or something. But Henry being a stubborn kid would probably put it under his pillow and wait for the tooth fairy to come. But when day comes his tooth is still there, only to have Regina tell him that the fairy wasn’t really or something along those lines.

I also kind of think he’d end up keeping all his teeth in a box and hide it or something until the tooth fairy did come.

With Santa it’s along the same lines. Heard about it, believed in him, his mom told him to get over it, he didn’t, Christmas comes, no presents from Santa. So all of that leaves Henry to feel pretty sad.

When he finds out about the curse however, I think it allowed him to come up with the idea “oh hey, Santa can’t come visit me because the curse keeps strangers out of town, and the Tooth fairy is probably the same.”

and yeah…I don’t know where I’m going with this.


i kept it spoiler free!


So, I was just sitting here reading some stuff online, when I came across an article saying not to have tv’s in bedrooms and keep it in the living room. Now it makes sense since it can cause a lot of problems. But, if my family kept it in the living room, at least at my dad’s house, I’d never get to watch Once Upon a Time.

Sure, I could try and get my family to watch it, but knowing my dad he’d just change the channel on me. Plus, my family is what we call robots. Yes, robots, as in if you’re reacting emotionally to anything like a movie or tv show or a game or a book, they tell you to stop because it’s just a show.

I question why my family is like this since it just seems mind boggling to me. I can’t help how I react. I grow attached to these people and I want them to come out all right. I don’t want to sit there just dead eyed and blank faced through it all.

Seriously, an example of this was with the Once Upon a Time Finale of season 1. I was sitting there with my older sister and just before it started she told me to just be quiet since I shouldn’t be getting attached. Of course I didn’t listen well since I was reacting to what was happening, not as strongly as I usually would but still reacting. I found it kind of annoying myself, I’m sure my sister found me annoying but I had a lot of emotions during that episode. But to be told not to care? It’s a hard thing to do.

So I’d rather be myself if I’m enjoying any form of entertainment so I can actually react the way I’d like rather than keep myself sedated.

I dunno why I’m writing this or why I’m posting this but I felt like it’d be good catharsis.



Leah Meets Spider-Man


This is something I’ve come across that I really enjoyed.  Neat story.

Taken from Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual #1 :